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Continuous Improvement Is Never-Ending

For Continental, adopting a system of continuous improvement is never ending. Continental uses three key principles of lean to help reduce or eliminate these wastes—one-piece flow; the 6 S’s; and kaizen events. Each of these provides process improvements and workplace efficiencies. Applied together, however, they provide a framework for continuous improvement that adapts to virtually any situation.

Refrigeration Innovations Earn Applause

Continental’s griddle stands earned recognition at the National Restaurant Association Show in 2013. The components earned applause from the judges that took a liking to the practicality that helped the units run efficiently and accurately.

Does Your Commercial Kitchen Fit Your Needs? 

Does your commercial kitchen fit your needs? For more than 30 years, Continental has been manufacturing American-made products engineered for optimal performance by prioritizing food safety and energy efficiency. By customizing your space with a Continental Refrigerator solution, we can optimize the efficiency of your kitchen workspace. 

Building Better Bases

To keep pace with ever-changing regulations and demand for efficient equipment, manufacturers have redesigned their refrigeration systems in recent years. Condensing units often come standard on one side, but Continental refrigerators come with the option of switching it to the other side!

The Keys To Equipment Innovation

Digital controls, smart technology, and robotics seem to be the future in just about every industry, and in our industry, companies are already incorporating this technology into their foodservice equipment. Innovations are occurring in many areas, from the use of digital controls to manage temperature and overall functions within the equipment and the ability of Bluetooth/WiFi technology to communicate directly to the operator or other equipment, to robotics and automation that help with the workflow in both the front and the back of the house.

Energy Star Award

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  honored 111 companies, including Continental Refrigerator, with Energy Star awards in the annual program that recognizes outstanding energy efficiency efforts.

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