Brochure: Base Models

Browse this product brochure to learn about the specifications and features of Continental Refrigerator’s line of commercial base model refrigerators

For high volume situations where flexibility and storage of pans is needed. Heavy gauge #300 Series stainless steel top, stainless steel front and end panels and aluminum interior. Condensing unit on left or right to keep away from hot equipment that may be nearby. Refrigerated door compartment above the condensing unit, with an option of a refrigerated drawer. 

Our high-quality, flexible commercial base model refrigerators are the perfect choice for your business needs. Continental Refrigerator provides unmatched value. Our Base Models have ample storage, options, accessories, and Flexible solutions. These EnergyStar models have an energy-efficient design.

Our refrigerators are sure to exceed your needs. Whether installed in a small cafe, convenience store, or catering business, our refrigerators are built to last.

Upgrade your commercial kitchen with our base model refrigerators and experience hassle-free storage and increased productivity.

Undercounters are for under the counter applications only. 

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