Brochure: Fish Files

Browse this product brochure to learn about the specifications and features of Continental Refrigerator’s line of commercial fish files.

Specially designed for fresh fish on crushed ice. 300 Series stainless steel interior, stainless steel exterior. Each drawer supplied with stainless steel pan. Can accommodate 12 x 20 perforated pans.

Base models: compressor can be on left or right to keep away from hot equipment that may be nearby. Refrigerated door compartment over the compressor, with an option of a refrigerated drawer. 

Keep your seafood fresher for longer with our premium fish file refrigerators.

Designed with advanced cooling technology, our fish file refrigerators ensure that your catch stays at the perfect temperature, maintaining its freshness and flavor.

Whether you’re a commercial fisherman, seafood supplier, or restaurant owner, our refrigerators are the perfect way to preserve your stock and keep your customers satisfied.

Don’t settle for subpar refrigeration – upgrade to our top-of-the-line fish file refrigerators today!

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