Brochure: Milk Coolers

Browse this product brochure to learn about the specifications, Flexibility options, and features of Continental Refrigerator’s line of commercial milk coolers.

Cold Wall & Forced Air Milk Coolers

Cold wall or forced air performance-rated refrigerated milk coolers, either single or dual access, are designed to keep milk products cold prior to serving. Cabinet construction consists of stainless steel top, lid and door, white finish or stainless steel body and galvanized steel interior (stainless steel interior on -SS models). Custom laminate finishes or powder coating available. Stainless steel marine style latches and door hinges for heavy usage. Reinforced stainless steel floor for added durability.

Look no further than our commercial milk cooler refrigerators! Continental milk coolers are equipped with powerful cooling systems, state-of-the-art temperature controls, and durable construction. These milk coolers are built to last and deliver exceptional performance.

Experience the quality and value of Continental Refrigerator equipment.

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