Brochure: Pizza Preparation Tables

Browse this brochure to learn about the specifications and features of Continental Refrigerator’s line of commercial Pizza Preparation Tables

Experience the ultimate in pizza prep with our state-of-the-art refrigerated tables!

Keep your ingredients fresh and easily within reach while preparing the perfect pizza pie for your customers.

Our pizza preparation tables are specially designed to accommodate any kitchen size, allowing for seamless operation and enhanced productivity.

As with all Continental Refrigerator products, we offer unmatched FLEXIBILITY.

You have unique needs and we are here to meet them.

Need a compressor moved to the other side? Do you need overshelves and a composite cutting board? How about a wire rod garnish rack? Would drawers work better than doors? We go above and beyond for you like no other commercial refrigerator manufacturer.

Upgrade your pizzeria with our refrigeration tables and take your pizza game to the next level!

Contact your rep now and start building your pizza dream team.

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